Organizations I Love

CPI Haiti - This is an amazing organization that is making a lasting impact in Haiti, a third world country right in our own backyard. Their mission is to establish long-term partnerships with people and organizations who will invest their resources, skills and knowledge into underdeveloped communities in Haiti to bring about spiritual, emotional, physical and social healing. There are so many opportunities to serve with them, from going on a mission trip, to sponsoring a child, to helping raise money, to donating money or resources. Check them out to see how you can be a part of the transforming things they are doing.

The Shalom Center -  This is a local foster home that is run by the most selfless, Godly women I have met. I am continuously humbled at how well they love and nurture the boys in their home. They seek to challenge the potential of our community through life enhancing programs. Contact them to see how you can support them.

Love 146 - This organization gets me choked up every time I think about them. They are about
"Abolition and Restoration! We combat child sex slavery & exploitation with the unexpected and restore survivors with excellence." They work to abolish child sex slavery through prevention and aftercare. Their aftercare program is a holistic healing program that helps to stop the child from cycling back into a life of abuse. I am awestruck at the accomplishments they have made. Check out their very cool website to see how you can support them.

Parker Street Ministries - This ministry is committed to individual, family and community restoration, reconciliation and revitalization in Lakeland’s Parker Street community. They have such a big heart for the people in their community. They constantly seek God to see how they can be a part in restoring the brokenness in the individual lives of the people they minister to. There are so many ways to volunteer and financially support this organization.  Check out their website to get more information. 

Amazima -  This organization helps to educate and empower the people of Uganda with God's love. I just recently learned about this organization, but was able to hear the heart of Katie, the founder, and hers is a heart deeply connected to Christ. See how you can support the amazing things they are doing in Uganda.

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